Africa Photo Safari 2012

January 31, 2013

In October 2012 I was lucky enough to go on a photo safari in Africa. This was my first trip to Africa and I must say that it raised a great desire to return, but next time my visit will be with hunting as the focus.

Our first night was spent in the city of Niarobi Kenya before leaving early the next morning towards the Masai Mara where we were to spend a few days on Safari. Below: Acacia Camp Masia Mara


The first morning of the safari was one I will never forget. On the truck ride into the game reserve, it wasn’t long before we got word that a leopard had been sighted in the area. Our truck joined the gathering of other safari vehicles where the leopard had been seen last. The other trucks lost patience and drove off eventually while our guide thought it best that we stayed at waited. Not too long after the other vehicles had left we got a glymse of a leopard cub. Before we knew it we were sitting watching two leopard cubs playing together within 50 metres of us. Whilst sitting and admiring the rare sight and wondering when their mother would show herself, suddenly she came out from under our truck from a bush the opposite side of us and the cubs. She stopped directly beside our truck and looked up at us, taking our breath away before continuing over to her cubs.


Below: Hippo’s in the Mara River


Below: Wilderbeast that will soon attempt to cross the croc-infested Mara River on their great migration south. Then maybe one day be hunted by me


The next morning before heading back to Nairobi we stopped in for a tour of a traditional Masai village. Pictured below are some Masai warriors showing us how they light fires taking it in turns working the fire drill.


After a few long days of driving and camping we found ourselves in Tanzania at the Ngorong Ngoro Crater Game reserve for another day of oberving the natural wonders of Africa.

Large bull Elephant standing very close to the road.


Me standing at a viewpoint for the Crater in my Hunters Element shirt which was very suited to the hot conditions.


Below: The king of the jungle marking his territory.


A large bull Cape Buffalo staring off some circling lions.


Whilst in the crater we stopped to watch a pride of lions trying to take a kill from a herd of Cape Buffalo. One of the lioness’s ran in and had to climb a tree in retreat. She was soon surrounded by Buffalo with no escape, forcing the lioness below to run in from a different angle making a distraction for her to climb down and escape. During our observation the pride was unsuccessful in their hunt.


Below: Hyena which will also be on my list of hopeful trophies for my future hunting safari in Africa.


After we left the Ngorong Ngoro Crater we headed into the Serengeti National Park where we camped the night in an unfenced and unguarded campsite. Below: Me wearing my Hunters Element Shirt at the gate to the Serengeti National Park.


Below: The tents we slept in at our campsite in the Serengeti where lions actually walked around our tent that night. One thing I won’t be doing again without a rifle or two! 


I am very much looking foward to my future hunting safari with my Dad in the next few years. I can’t describe how amazing it was to see all the wildlife so close and untamed and can’t wait to be amongst it again.

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