Andrew Sturt – Testing The Veil

February 03, 2014

Straight after work on Friday, Alex and I grabbed a handful of the new Veil Camouflage, a couple of rifles, some food, and headed North. About four hours later we arrived at the car park of our piece of Doc paradise. A couple of quiet beers and we hit the sack with a 4.30am start on the cards for the morning.

I had devised a cunning plan to be overlooking a grassy clearing that usually holds good sign, right on first light. This meant getting our asses up the hill early, so with only about 4 hours sleep behind us we set off. We made good time and reached the overlook I wanted to use well before the sun was starting to show. Just before we crested the hill Alex and I slowed down and crept up into position looking out over the darkness. All we had to do now was wait for the light to start showing up. Well as it turned out we didn’t even need that. “Bro, those bushes on the face are moving”. Sure enough there was movement on the clearing across the gully. The plan had actually worked!

All we had to do now was wait for enough light to actually get a clear identification on the targets. The silhouettes showed all Red Hinds which was fine by us as the freezers have been running pretty low lately. Once the light was clear enough I picked out a small eater, dialed the scope up, squeezed trigger and sent the 7mm A-max across the valley. A fairly easy hike over to the animal and we hung the meat up to cool down while some time was spent glassing the surrounding hills. After some breakfast and a few yarns the packs were loaded up and it was back off towards the truck.

Sadly this mean the new Veil wasn’t given a real test in close quarters with the Deer but it won’t be long. One really crazy thing that we have found with this new camo is that the colour seems to change based upon what’s behind it. This is hard to explain without actually seeing it for yourself but it’s very cool. For example in the shop it looks to have quite a yellowy tinge, against grass it looks very green and in the bush it looks brown. This is obviously just a perceived change in colour but it means that the eyes are tricked in to thinking that the camo is the same colour as what’s around it. Which is the whole point I suppose. Also it’s worth noting that it looks completely different in the photos as well. As you can see it looks quite dark and silvery but it certainly didn’t look that way in the field. I think this is mainly due to the flash from the camera.

Overall though the prime summer gear worked a treat as it always has. The vented pants and the super light, but tough wicking material, make for great cooling when you’re climbing those steep hills. Plus it’s just generally the most comfortable clothing I’ve ever worn. It’s in the shops now so go check it out.


Setting Up For The Shot


A Serious Blood Trail


Freezer Filler


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