Blaze Orange Hunting Clothing

April 08, 2013

With the roar in full swing its likely you are all out and about as often as you can, unfortunately every other bloke and his dog are also out and about chasing stags whenever they can.

How do you stay safe and let other hunters know you are there?  The best solution we have come up with is Blaze Orange clothing.  Blaze Orange is a colour that is easily visible from 5m to 500m, it is easily recognisable as a safety colour and even better deer don’t see it as Blaze Orange, they see it as more of a shade of brown / yellow.

There is orange clothing available in our stores and then there is “True Blaze Orange”.  One is obviously much brighter and much more visible than the other.  The “True Blaze Orange” will appear to “glow” in low light and is extremely visible to Humans, and as above, not so visible to the deer we are hunting.  Make sure you get the right stuff.

UN blue is another obvious option for clothing colour; however the whole point of the game is to stay hidden from your quarry in order to be successful.  Blue will not let you do this, deer vision is at its peak in the blue wavelength of light, and even right down into the UV spectrum, which is invisible to humans. 

What does this actually mean? Well, if you’re wearing Blue clothing the deer will see you lit up like a Christmas tree from a mile away.  If you neglect to wash your clothing with detergent that has no UV brighteners then they will also see you a mile off, no matter what colour your clothing is.

Not all blaze orange is created equal.  Often we are confronted with orange clothing covered in a dark pattern of sticks and branches to help break your outline up and make you feel less obvious to the deer.  The theory sounds great; however it has a negative effect on how your blaze looks to other hunters.  Our eyes see the orange as a dulled down version due to the heavy contrast of the dark branches and twig pattern overlaid.  Add this to the lowered available light under the bush canopy and we have a rather dull orange colour which can easily be mistaken for the orange colour of a red deer in its summer coat.  Blaze orange mesh products can also have the same effect. 

Cheap blaze orange products will fade very quickly and lose their brightness easily.  This can also be a recipe for disaster, as the blaze orange fades out to a more “natural” hue of orange.  This is a by-product of trying to get a particular product to market at a competitive price.  The fabric is created without UV stabilisers to reduce the cost and in turn is an inferior product.

Wearing just a Blaze Orange hat or beanie isn’t enough to be reliably visible in the dense bush.  We suggest wearing a full Blaze orange top and cap or beanie at a minimum.  This will provide you with enough visible Blaze orange in the bush to be reliably visible to other hunters.

Blaze Cap BlogBlaze charcoal colourway copy

Happy hunting and stay safe this roar.

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