Duck Hunting Opening 2015.

May 06, 2015

I’m fairly certain that because its one of the few things hunting related that’s seasonal and we cant do it all the time opening weekend and especially opening morning is a pretty special time. Our corn was picked and new grass sown, paradise Ducks by the hundred were there snacking on it if that wasn’t a good enough excuse to be anxious nothing was..

With blind set up, decoys out, I had also gone over my shot gun cleaned it all sprayed the moving parts and filled my Hunters Element Shell belt with 20 rounds, (it usually takes me 20 rounds to get 10 ducks) I was ready and really looking forward to getting some lead in the air. This year as usual buddy Joel would be joining me and we had a newbie his Lab bitch Ness, countless hours had gone in to training her so it would be great to have her retrieve her first ducks..

I awoke at 430 am two hours before daylight too excited, it was an hour later an eager Joel pulled up outside he had that look in his eye that could have matched mine, we headed to the spread like giddy school kids on a mission.

The first shots were heard away in the distance we couldn’t see much, someone was keener than us? impossible–only ten minutes went by and we heard them, the first squadron were heading our way, I looked at Joel, he grinned before saying “Rock and Roll time”, These ducks—15 of them committed early wings back they began their glide heading straight in at 12 o clock with sublime suicidal tendencies, Joel gave a greeting squawk but it wasn’t needed seconds later our shotguns roared 7 shots…two ducks…I went early not being able to contain myself and sent a hail of deer spooking vengeance which in reality was a bit ambitious but who  cares we had our first ducks on the deck and damn it was good…

Ness lept from he possie and streaked out like a seasoned pro grabbing the first duck and retrieving it to her master, that was a picture the gleam in Joel’s eye seeing all that work pay off was priceless, he got her to go again and like the rest of the morning handled to job completely.





Wave after wave of kamikaze ducks hit our flight path and committed, as the sun came up it became difficult to see , (that was my excuse for the misses) but when we let them fly past and come around left to right it made hitting them a tad easier an action packed 40 minutes was all it took to land 20 paradise Shell duck a great opening but all over so quickly.



Ness watches, waits this bitch had a good morning.



Our limit reached we sat there assessing the session, the dog went well, way better than I expected, Joel has worked hard at training her and was rewarded, Joel shot well and as usual BJ missed way too many (my 10 ducks falling to 27 shots) . It was a great opening one of the better we have had, I got a chance to wear the new Bird Hunting Camo pattern “Wing” in the form of “Crucial Top” along with my Element Jacket which for the first part of the morning kept me warm and snug, with the right cut and fit freedom of movement when swinging a keen shotgun was uninhibited and couldn’t be used as an excuse to missing the occasional one.



A  loner at distance..


The End result, apathy three satisfied Duck hunters.

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