Introducing EKA Knives

July 10, 2012

Evolve Outdoors the parent company of Hunters Element is proud to announce a new addition to our product range this month. Swedish company EKA, have been manufacturing knives since 1882. They are northern Europe’s leading folding knife manufacturer and are known around the world for their quality and craftsmanship. We are going to be offering an extensive range of EKA products at very reasonable prices. From head-skinning knives to complete butchers kits, the EKA range is impressive. From a company that has such a rich history and prides itself on producing blades of the finest quality, we think that once you pick up one of these knives, you’ll find it too hard to put it back down on the shelf.

How is a quality knife manufactured?

In addition to folding knives EKA’s product line has been augmented with fixed blade knives for outdoor living, hunting and household use. After a hundred years in the business EKA has become a well-known name, associated with quality and craftsmanship. Their knives are known throughout the world for their strength, safety and first-class design.

Proficiency, precision and experience of outdoor living as well as hunting and fishing are the foundation of our good reputation. EKA places the same high demands on all products; from folding and fixed blade knives to saws and accessories.

We usually say that there are three basic requirements for manufacturing a quality knife:

1. The steel in the knife must be of high quality. EKA uses stainless steel from Sandvik in its knives, a steel with the technical description 12C27.

2. The hardening of the knife must be 57-59 Rockwell C.

3. The edge must be well made. To guarantee a sharp, durable edge we use an edge angle of 40 degrees.

EKA Original SwingBlade

Innovative combi knife for serious and dedicated hunter. Quality knife blade designed for effective skinning as well as general-purpose cutting. Solid locking mechanism ensures a safe operation. Concave gut opening blade makes the skinning easy and fast. Cutting from the inside means that the edge stays sharp for a long time. Stubbed nose prevents inside damage

Swede 8

Utility folding knife for multi-purpose use. Swede 8 is very popular in industry, agriculture and forestry. It has a successful soft grip, an ergonomic handle, and a strong and safe locking mechanism.

Butcher Set

Top quality Butcher Set for indoor and outdoor use, containing 1 knife for skinning (Blade length 150 mm. Total length 280 mm. Blade thickness 2.6 mm) and 1 knife for boning (Blade length 150 mm. Total length 280 mm. Blade thickness 2.6 mm), 1 convenient gut opener (Blade length 80 mm. Total length 210 mm. Blade thickness 2.9 mm), and 1 sharpening steel (Steel length 150 mm. Total length 290 mm). Soft grip handles are made of Santoprene™, hygienically approved material worldwide, with ergonomic design. Blades are made from pure quality stainless steel with an excellent sharpness and durability. Handy canvas roll bag, 2 open plastic double sheaths, and a belt are included.



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