James Morris – Quick Pig Hunt

April 20, 2011

A southerly gale blew straight up from Antarctica so I spent the first day of my university break working around the house, and loading some bullets. By evening I was definitely feeling cabin feverish, so I grabbed my coat and my 30.06, jumped on the motorbike and headed up the farm.

I had a feeling I knew where I would find some piggies, there was a bit of fresh sign about and a sheltered gorsy gully I’d seen them in before. The first place I looked, I was happy to see they were in residence, but from the look of it only little pigs were about this time. Some weren’t much bigger than a fox terrier. I decided the challenge was to get in as close as possible; although they are a real pest on the farm I still have a lot of respect for the animals and enjoy the challenge of getting in amongst them.

Sneaking straight in with the southerly wind on my face the pigs were oblivious, too busy feeding amongst the gorse, rushes and blackberry. All of a sudden there was a pig I hadn’t seen before, how I’d missed it I do not know-a huge white grey boar was only about 15 yards away from me, head down nosing the soft ground around a big rusher. I froze and took in what was going around me. A sow and piglets were slightly below me, about 30 yards away, a couple of pretty tasty looking about 60lb black and white pigs were just ahead about 35 yards away, but the boar was closest and also what was going to cop it first.

I lifted my rifle and took aim at the boars shoulder, then sent the 150gr 30 calibre projectile on its short trip of a whole 15 yards before it slammed into the boars shield and knocked him off his feet. As quickly as he fell over, he was back on his feet. He wasn’t happy, and came straight for me. Before I even realised what was going on I was frantically working my bolt and looking down the side of my barrel and had fired before he halved the distance between us. Thankfully this worked to some degree, he wasn’t dead, but he changed direction from a crash course with me to running out of the scrub and into the open field. Another shot rang out from my 30.06 and he was down.

One of the black and white tasty sized pigs was still lurking about, so she copped one too-a nice bit of pork to take back to my flat at the end of the holidays.

I dragged the plump sow down the gully and out near where the boar lay before going and inspecting him. He was a good sized snorker, with some nasty looking hooks! I was glad that I didn’t get to find out what they were capable of!

I searched for where my first shot had struck him and discovered it was right where I had aimed. Square in the shoulder was a 30 calibre hole. Gutting him I discovered that at a range of about 15 yards the boar had taken the full might of my hot loads without the bullet even entering its chest cavity. I was impressed, and for the first time with my 30.06 I felt under gunned!

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