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July 04, 2012

In late April I headed in to one of my regular spots to try and catch the end of the Roar. Sadly the deer weren’t really roaring. In particular I had been watching a group of hinds for the previous few months and was hoping to track down the stag that would move in with them for the Roar. I had had him elude me last year and was hoping to redeem myself this time around. Unfortunately last year we had startled each other at range of about 10m. I had come around the corner and he and his girls were staring straight at me in a place I didn’t expect them to be. Deer were flying everywhere and although I beaded a couple of hinds he was too cunning and disappeared.

So I set out this year to once again try to track him down, but much like last year I was a bit too late and he wasn’t really replying to me. He gave a few moans from distance but I couldn’t get him to respond in close and I wasn’t able to get in on his thick bush hideout without scenting up the area, so I knew I would have one chance at him. By the last day of my trip I still hadn’t managed to spot him through the binos although I had seen his girls briefly.

I made my attempt on them on the final evening. Walking through their area it wasn’t until about an hour before dark that I spotted the hinds. The same three hinds that I had been watching for the last few months were out on small clearing feeding 300 yards away. I dropped down and set my rifle up for a shot. Once I was settled I gave a roar. No response from the stag. I waited ten minutes then Roared again. The hinds didn’t seem too phased and continued to feed. Again no response from the stag, so I continued the process for a while in the hope that he would show himself or try to sneak in on me. I had no real way of getting any closer without exposing myself so things were looking pretty grim. The hinds started to move off the clearing so the decision was made to pull the trigger and take some meat home. As I tracked the other two hinds disappear off up the hill, through the bush I saw the stags head pop out for a quick look at about 500m away.

Freezer Filler

That was sadly all I saw of him, so after packing the meat back to camp in the dark, we foiled a plan to catch a photo of the big 10 pointer on the trail camera.Venison for dinner and a few beers went down well.

Steak for Tea

The next morning we made another quick attempt to locate him but they were long gone. The trail camera was set up and we headed home. I went in to check the camera last week and sadly I was unable to snap him before he had disappeared, but managed to get some photos of the remaining two girls.

The Remaining Hinds A Few Weeks Later

Deer Vs Possum

I will be back again next year in search of him, hopefully no one else gets to him first.

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