Michael Gibson – Veil out and about in NSW Australia

February 11, 2014

This weekend we went scouting and testing out the new veil in what has become a very dry NSW. With this trip we also kicked off the fallow and red deer scouting for 2014. We managed to pick one of the hottest weekends this summer with the mercury over 40 degrees Celsius. This hunt was one of the hottest I’ve had for a very long time. I can’t remember a warmer hunt in New South Wales as it was more comparable to the Northern Territory but with big hills to climb.

During the week I had the new prime summer veil top arrive with the long pants to test run in the currently very dry Australian bush leading up the the red and fallow deer rut. These deer are still out of season in NSW so have to be left alone until March 1.

Due to the extreme temperatures I was not a chance of wearing long pants as I can not wear them climbing hills on the best of days so the old faithful hunters element primer summer shorts were worn which are second to none for comfort and functionality especially when the mercury is climbing into the 40’s celsius.

The pants looked very inviting to wear with the huge mesh leg vents but being a big fan of shorts I opted to test them on a sub 40 degree day which is more the norm for hunting here and New Zealand. I wanted to give a true representation of the new product and this wasn’t the weekend for that.

The shirt was super comfortable for the conditions and being such a quick drying garment the sweat was washed out after each hunt to try and keep us scent free for the weekend. These prime summer shirts are a great build and the previous versions I have owned have seen 100’s of hunts and are still going strong.

Being the driest its been for a long time I was unsure how the camo would perform but the design works extremely well at eliminating your outline even in the current very light and dry conditions NSW is experiencing due to the onset of drought.

As the weekend progressed I was certain that this stuff will be a hit but there are still 100’s of hunts left to really put it through its initial paces without giving it the 2 day tick of approval. In saying that I have no doubt that this pattern will be a massive hit for the Aussie and Kiwi hunters alike.

We managed to spot many deer, pigs and goats over the weekend but due to the conditions photos were hard as the animals were moving well before and after light. A few were taken through the Swarovski spotter at long range but the heat haze was destroying the focus on most shots.

A couple of pigs were taken on the very last of light and many a fallow prospect spotted for March 1.

Veil will find a big place in the Australian hunting arena not only because of the camo technology but the product build as a whole. I can not wait to keep using the veil for 2014 and with a full diary of hunting I will be sure to give it the Aussie test run that it deserves and hopefully blog some results shortly.

Some pictures from the weekend to give an idea of conditions and camo – Not the usual game rich shots but a picture of veil in the Aussie bush

IMG_8156BWR1024 IMG_8156R1024











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