More venison, a hunt to remember…

December 07, 2014

This was to be a free range Fallow doe hunt, it was now apparent by the stocks (or lack of them) in the freezer we needed more venison…

The four in our household enjoy venison as do our extended family, providing and gathering is the ultimate excuse to hunt–we don’t buy meat and best of all my favourite cliché is “we know exactly where our meat comes from”….

This hunt was fun because the meat eaters in our family which is ALL of us were all there, I had a cunning plan how we would all work together I had never tried this method but was keen to give it a go.

The Fallow come out the trees through a hole in the fence, they can jump the fence but prefer to save energy and squeeze through, I have known this for a few years and put a small tree stand in the nearest tree to the hole several years ago, it worked out pretty well last winter by allowing my PB Fallow buck to come in after a late cycling doe and well the rest was history..

Simply sitting in a tree for hours on end is real boring but when those animals wander past oblivious to you 20 yards away its a rush hard to describe–it is incredibly productive, an American method well proven by thousands of Whitetail Deer hunters each year. We adopted this deal and I have grown to like it, I still prefer the spot and stalk method but it is always more difficult with a bow and arrow.

So on this particular Sunday Wife and two kids were all on the Honda we set out for Wild Dog Gully , I had seen Fallow grazing cattle country the day before, they were in the open and would have been quite difficult to hunt there, the plan was this ….I would drop the family off about 1 Km from where I hoped the deer to be feeding, I would cut back around and leave the vehicle requesting that I be given 1/2 an hour to sneak down to the tree in question , after climbing into the tree stand 18 feet off the ground, loading an arrow I checked the time I had five minutes before I knew the trio would simply start walking toward the deer, yes this was a deer drive, didn’t know if it was going to work but was about to find out.


It was only ten minutes waiting and I saw movement in the distance 4 fallow were coming toward me, they didn’t head for the hole in the fence they jumped over instead about 150 yards from me, the crew had over cooked it–BUGGER, there had been about 13 deer there the day before and as luck had it they all soon appeared— away went the heart rate when they started heading toward me not running but moving surely right on point. A quick check of the gear I stood motionless clad in VEIL locked and loaded .

They came in, the older does started diving though the fence I drew my bow but these deer were not stopping finally the last doe popped through I made a “barrp” noise, she stopped and looked straight at me 17 yards away I released instantaneously the arrow smashing right through her vitals.

Wow did that just happen holy crap, my mind reeled my body shook of excess adrenaline and way in the distance I saw blond hair pop over the horizon the team was in the money.

I jumped out of my tree and waited five or so minutes for Annabel Georgia and Luke to arrive, “Did you get one” — was waiting for it, ‘Yup” was my reply ..We did the blood trail kids leading the way finding the broken arrow and plenty of blood the right colour was pretty good, trouble is they all think bow hunting is easy now!…The doe lay dead 30 yards from my tree we gutted her there took a few pics and carried her out . Was a great hunt shared with my three best friends….

The Veil camo worked well I was completely hidden by good technology and had full confidence to be there and do it, the only movement I made was drawing my bow, I was not seen .



We she lay , a great eater ….


The family enjoyed themselves! Note how the VEIL camo pattern blends in with the bush!


It was only a kilometre carry across cattle country to the vehicle…







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