Part 4 – Clothing Philosophy: Prime Layer

February 12, 2011

In Part 3 – Clothing Philosophy: Fabric Choice post I talked about fabrics and why we chosen our fabrics. Today I will outline the purpose of a Prime Layer and introduce the two different Prime Layers Hunters Element will be offering.


Prime Layer – Next to skin – Moisture control

Key function of the prime/base layer

Wick moisture away from your skin

Needs to dry very fast

Low odour

Warm in winter and cool in summer

Comfortable next to skin

System Wide Compatibility

The Prime Layer is the next to skin layer with the key purpose of wicking away the moisture from your skin. New Zealand’s climate varies dramatically, with summer temperatures in the single digits in the morning to 25 degrees or more by midday, and winter temperatures in the negatives in parts. For this reason we have developed two Prime Layer options.

Prime Summer

As the name suggests, Prime Summer is designed for medium to warm conditions. Whilst the name is “Summer” this garment is very universal and is designed to be worn year round, it all depends on how you layer it. When Prime Summer is worn alone, without any other layers, it feels cool on your skin when you are exerting energy and perspiring. This works through evaporative cooling, so when it is hot and you are sweaty the garment helps to cool you, wind will enhance this effect. This also means that the fabric dries very fast. When worn under an Insulation Layer or Barrier Layer the Prime Summer will wick the moisture away to the next layer. If the garment you are wearing on top of the Prime Summer layer has large pit zips (GEN 4 XTR Jacket or Core Soft Shell), you can open these to get the evaporative cooling effect which will allow you to wear the outer layer for longer. I emphasize large pit zips as the small pit zips don’t allow enough air movement to achieve this effect.

A semi fitted cut allows the garment to move on you so you don’t overheat in the warmer temperatures.

Fuse Mesh™ fabric is a 4-way stretch, light weight and ultra breathable fabric. Fuse Mesh™ fabric provides you with excellent sun protection, rapid wicking and evaporative cooling for maximum freedom, comfort and performance in extreme hunting conditions. Treated with Scent Stop™ to help neutralise odors.

Prime Summer is available in four styles, T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Zip (pictured below), shorts (stubbies) and trousers. Click here to be directed to the details on the Hunters Element website.

Prime Summer is available now in Hunters Element Dealers.







Prime Winter

Prime Winter is a warm base layer designed for cooler temperatures.  This is a tight fitting garment that wicks moisture away from your skin and keeps you warm. Using a unique high loft three dimensional fabric, Prime Winter traps warm air next to the skin. 4 way stretch fabric allows unrestricted movement with flat lock seams for maximum comfort. Scent Stop™ is built into the fabric to help neutralise odor causing bacteria.

Prime Winter is available in April 2011. More information to be provided on a later blog.

All Prime Layer garments are made with flat lock seams. Flatlock seams are more comfortable, lower profile and allow greater stretch.

Smooth flatlock seam Bulky overlock seam


Quality Sz 3 SBS locking zipper.

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We are launching our layering system section of our website on the 15 February 2011.  Subscribe to Hunters Element Lifestyle to receive notification and go into the draw to win a Prime Summer Long Sleeve Zip Top.

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