Photos Only Rusa And Fallow Stalk

November 28, 2012

Early september my partner and I went for a day trip up to a hunting property we frequent. Knowing we are unable to take any deer from this property this time of year we took up a couple of rifles and my 410 shotgun to play around with on the makeshift range.


Trying out my new Hunters Element gear for the first time.




My 410 hammer gun my father has had in his collection for many years until i took a liking to it

A phonebook we took along as a target.


Nick about to test the effects of a 410 shell on a cow patty we decided to use as a clay.


Apparently 410 shells do not have much effect on a dried cow patty.



Practicing with my Kimber Montana 308.


After having a bit of fun at the makeshift range we decided to go for a drive around the property and check out some tracks we haven’t been on yet. On approaching a small dam we spotted some slight movement in the long grass around the water. We stopped the car and stalked in to get a better view of what turned out to be four Rusa stags, one of which would of been a perfect trophy for one of us.


After watching the Rusa for a while from about 50 meters away they figured out something wasn’t right and took off towards the hills which just happened to be straight through a small herd of fallow that were unaware of. We sat in amazement watching the herd with the trophy Rusa move along side the herd with the trophy Fallow.

It turned out to be a great day trip with an unexpected sighting of two trophy deer of different species within a few meters of each other, something you don’t see every day.







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