Summer Clothing 2015

November 29, 2015

Summer has all but arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere and with it comes that awkward in-between weather when you’re either too hot or too cold, or the rain arrives (and disappears) with incredible rapidity.

There are two solutions on offer to cope with this time of year.

  1. Pack an excessive amount of gear “just in case”
  2. Layer effectively

No-one wants to carry a packful of “just in case” gear so realistically the best option is layering. The trick to layering effectively is to always be mindful that for a technical layering system to work you need to have the right components as a layer is only as effective as the layer below it. A breathable barrier layer means you need to ensure that the layers underneath promote vapour transfer – also known as breathability or wicking. Cotton is by far the worst fabric to wear under a breathable garment as it traps moisture, allowing it to collect and cool on your body thereby preventing a vapour to form which guarantees you will feel wet under your barrier. The solution? Layering systems that are designed to work together with fabrics that complement rather than contradict each other.

Effective spring and summer hunting is not just about staying comfortable however. Here at Hunters Element we know that a successful hunt is also about being in the right mindset, and wearing gear that helps you blend in undeniably helps many hunters achieve the levels of stealth they need to be successful. Desolve camouflage patterns help you to achieve this by working in two ways.  The patterns disrupt your outline so your prey just can’t tell what it is looking at, and the tones are in the red-green spectrum which ungulates (hooved animals) struggle to discern (essentially a form of colourblindness).   Hunters Element gear in Bare camo from Desolve is designed specifically for barren landscapes and sun scorched environments and should be your go-to for hunting in those conditions.

Here’s our picks for spring & summer hunting:

Prime Layer: Superlite Shirt

Lightweight hunting gear designed for warmer conditions with excellent breathability and protection from the sun. This light and durable shirt offers extreme comfort when the weather gets hot with the proven stealth of Desolve Deception Camouflage.

  • Highly breathable
  • SPF 50+
  • Button front
  • 2 x chest pockets
  • Button cuffs
  • High collar
  • Size S-4XL
  • Available in Desolve® Bare™ Camouflage

Furnace Layer: Crucial Top

Superior warmth and wicking ability make this our top performing hooded mid layer. Designed to keep you warm and trap heat. Zippered chest pocket for your essentials.

  • Lightweight, packable and windblock soft shell
  • Radio Pocket
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Full front zipper
  • Ergonomic cut
  • High collar
  • Sizes S-4XL
  • Available in Desolve® Bare™ Camouflage

Barrier Layer: XTR Pinnacle Jacket

A new generation in the XTR story, the ultimate waterproof hunting jacket is now welded not stitched. Unmatched breathability for comfort with exceptional lightness for those challenging hunts. This fully featured fast drying jacket will make your next hunt a confident one.A fully featured stalkers jacket

  • Quiet, packable and lightweight
  • Stitchless design — EXOWELD™ welded construction
  • Water resistant chest pockets
  • Waterproof cellphone pouch – removable with zip
  • Huge pit zips
  • Ergonomic fully adjustable hood
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Full body mapped construction for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort
  • Size S-4XL
  • Available in Desolve® Veil Camouflage & Desolve® Bare™ Camouflage

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