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January 04, 2015

While hinds have babies and Stags are in velvet it can be slim pickings when looking for big game to hunt in these parts, so its off for a fish and what brings me to mention is how versatile my Hunters Element Gear is..

On a warm December afternoon I headed to one of our favourite spots 50 mins drive from home, we fish it probably 10 times a year, its scenic, quiet and usually fishing well this time of the year.

I like to walk this bit of river and take all the gear I need, if I’m going for a fish I want to be going all afternoon into the evening, so I always pack a thermos of coffee the compulsory half dozen peanut slabs and a jacket in case of weather change .

This is where the Contour pack comes in handy its design means you can cast a fly rod un restricted, its design of allowing airflow between pack and back is great for keeping a bit cooler, and as I have mentioned before the straps will keep you gear where you want it, crossing big water you don’t need something that could throw you off balance especially when the rocks get a bit of algae on them as is usually the case in our Summer.

So with gear packed, rod assembled and line threaded I started my beat down to a big stretch of favoured water, my secret path though black berry and shrubs passing quickly my pace full of anticipation , blue skies Cicada’s chirping and gin clear water awaiting as would hopefully be a few crazy rainbows.

Six casts later came a small fighter, a nice fish two years of age slipped back into the depths for another day it must have wondered what the heck just happened and would now most probably choose its snack time more wisely…


So again I set my sights on hunting another fish, while most of these guys are in deep water its very usual to find the odd cruiser in the shallows, these fish have to be stalked and presentation has to be good, land your fly in too close or line these guys and its all over. Its vital to wear the correct clothing, my Hunters Element long sleeve Summer top is the perfect fishing shirt, sleeves keeping sun off you and preventing mossies from attack is always a good idea, not to mention staying under the radar with the right camo pattern..



So on I continued Casting in all the usual lies waiting for my indicator to drop and keeping a watch full eye out for fish that might be feeding in the shallows, on this particular day the later was not happening for some reason, all fish were in the deep but who could complain, no wind no clouds cool water and best of all no people, I felt as though this river was far more removed than its actual geographic location





So as I headed around the last bend feeling a tad dismayed that only one small Rainbow had made the net I discovered a good sized shape sitting in fast water its tell tale giveaway sideways movement indicating to me that he was hungry and busy intercepting aquatic morsels , I made a fly change what had been used wasn’t working this time a heavier larger nymph was fastened on with a smaller one of the same genre attached to that, slowly I waded in to make a distance within my casting capabilities . First cast was o.k but a bit short, second cast better but the third cast was on the money my eyes peeled at that indicator waiting for a strike….Nothing…I went again–good enough cast…NOTHING…a change of flies this time one caddis imitation, cast retrieve cast retrieve BANG indicator STRIKE and yes the surge of joy , quickly this fish told me it wasn’t a tiddler and by the look of the fast departing flyline into the river I was in for a fight , it made the rapid at the bottom of the pool I held on but had to follow not wanting to fight current as well as a fit hard fighting mountain fish. We came to the next problem real quick a big old submerged native tree, oh Crap I had forgotten about this spot an avoidable part of the pool I never bothered to fish…like that Rainbow had this planned all along it put a real nice bit of timber between us before disappearing with my fly, dreams and all hope of landing my first decent trout for the Summer, my limp slack line reeled in matching the mood as only it can. So with my vehicle only 400 or so metres away I called it a day opting to quit a little early and go home to catch up on those domestic jobs which had been put on hold.


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