The Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting Camo

April 15, 2016

Hunting is all about using everything in your power to your advantage – and that’s why Hunters Element choose to use Desolve Camouflage patterns.  Desolve patterns are different to most camo out there on the market not only in how they look but also because they are based in scientific research.

WingPatternSQ smallwinglogo

Wing is slightly different in that it is designed around bird vision and the elevated perspective that they are looking at hunters from.  Stick & leaves camo really doesn’t work from above – how many rushes grow across the ground?

Desolve® Wing™ has been designed to disrupt the specific and complex vision of waterfowl making you invisible through deception. Birds possess one more receptor than humans allowing them to see UV light, through this they identify each other, food sources and predators.
With panoramic vision and zero binocular vision they see accurately up to three times the distance we can with acute movement detection and very little depth or contrast. A bird’s eye view is very different to ours, camouflage patterns designed to mimic the horizontal picture we see of reeds and grasses look foreign to a bird flying high above.

The Desolve® Wing™ pattern disrupts the bird’s vision of you and exploits the inability of waterfowl to fill in the blanks in what they see. When we see one object in front of another our brain fills in the blanks making the object behind visible to us. Birds cannot do this so the tones and contrast of the Desolve® Wing™ pattern keeps you completely out of the picture.

Hunters Element have a well rounded range to cover all scenarios in a Waterfowl Season. Here are some of our favorites to keep you hidden, warm and dry this year.


Whistler Jacket

Waterfowl hunting and bird shooting just went in to overdrive. This jacket is designed specifically for the bird shooter and provides unrestricted movement in the shoulders and protection from the elements with a mix of comfort and stealth. Extremely durable and waterproof. more…

Drake Jacket

The Drake jacket offers the same waterproof/windproof qualities as the Whistler but with a quieter external fabric which and offers an increase in warmth, although the Whistler is considered a more durable Jacket, make no mistake, the Drake is tough. more…


Whistler Trousers

The Whistler Trousers are built like the Whistler Jacket. Extremely tough and very dry. The perfect trousers for the duck shooter that loves monsoons and snow storms. more…

Drake Trousers

If you think a bit of extra stealth might help your jump shooting adventures the Drake Trousers might be the quiet weatherproof pants you need, not to mention they look really good. more…


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