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January 11, 2014

New camouflage was always something we had considered here at the Hunters Element HQ. The idea was to develop a range of camouflage that could be worn across a diverse range of outdoor environments. With hunters in mind, we designed a disruption styled camouflage suitable for outdoors-man taking on the natural elements. Through experience and technical understanding, we had developed the ground breaking Veil camouflage system.

Veil camouflage system is designed to suite a diverse range of environments suitable for many hunting opportunities. By creating a universal camouflage system, hunters are now able to become undetectable to their prey within a range of natural environments; bleak alpine terrain, lush native bush, rivers and lakes, no problem at all, Veil has you covered! Embarking on this journey of creating a hybrid breed of camouflage has been one of our biggest and most challenging ventures to date. Designing a disruption system suitable for a range of environments was no task to be taken lightly; especially considering that traditionally camouflage systems have been tailored to suit human vision in specific environments.  

 Designing Veil Deception camouflage Discovering Veil

1. Understand Animal Vision: what they see and how they see their natural environment.

2. Understanding the technical construction of camouflage: how the concept of camouflage works to deceive and mimic environments though macro and micro layering.

3. Identify existing camouflages: By identifying the market standard, how could we improve and better what was already available. 

4. Design a camouflage: that meets the core concepts of animal vision and camouflage.

To understand the science of animal vision we had to consider research and literature that gave us a grounded understanding of animal vision. By understanding the structure and capabilities of ‘Animal Vision’, allowing us to understand what and how they see. Once we understood the basics we knew what needed to be done. We then were able to apply these principles to design our new camouflage.  The purpose was to conceal hunters by gaining an advantage through the understanding of animal vision. Thus meaning the hunter becomes completely undetectable to its target.

By stripping the concept of camouflage back to its core, we were able to re-engineer the foundation of concealment. We then based our pattern and colour choices on our understanding of animal vision. We didn’t stop there! We knew that to design a universal camouflage system, we needed to assess the current systems available to hunters and outdoorsman. After countless hours of trolling through various types of camouflage, we were finally able to highlight the problem. We had noticed that current camouflage patterns had being utilizing a mimicry approach to specific natural environments, hence replicating the environment in which they were positioned. We found this limiting in terms of exploring many scenarios as the camouflage becomes obsolete and easily seen.

Identifying the fundamentals of mimicry camouflage used, revealed that it had been designed for specific hunting environments. We noticed that the visual disruption of high contrast infused with both macro & micro patterns forming a dual layered Veil Camouflage can be used in multiple environments. Primarily you are now undetectable to the target instead of attempting to mimic a part of its environment to remain unseen. This design of camouflage is highly effective in a multitude of outdoor hunting environments.

Through completion of the preliminary steps we had our Design team, put together for us a shirt and pants of our Veil Deception Camouflage pattern for testing. Through our vigorous testing standards and high expectations we had finally delivered what we set out to achieve, our goal to design a universal camouflage pattern. The new Veil deception camouflage will be out released prior to the hunting season.

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