I started hunting with my grandfather at a very young age. From small game I slowly progressed to larger game to now spending a majority of my time in the mountains of Australia and New Zealand. I am passionate about hunting all of the mountain dwelling species. It gives a huge sense of adventure when setting out to hunt them. I also enjoy introducing friends and new hunters to the lifestyle and adventures these hunts bring. I enjoy the big game hunting the Top end of Australia offers and have managed to secure both scrub bull and buffalo with the bow on these adventures.

My last 11day backpack hunt in NZ saw me cover 170kms. We managed to secure three very good trophies on this trip along with gaining valuable experience on the animals and terrain for return trips into this system. On Australian soil I love taking on extended Sambar backpack hunts into the Alpine National Park. These wary deer offer a mountain style hunt with all boxes ticked.

I have 2 daughters who also enjoy the hunting and fishing adventures. They have both now hunted with me and are showing the skill sets in both hunting and fishing. Photography and video play a huge part in my hunting adventures. I try my best to share my journeys through these photos and online videos. I have taken all of my South Pacific animals unpaid and unguided. I have three species remaining but in no rush to get there. I write and am currently web editor and writer for Australian Sporting Shooter.


I have helped many mates secure their first tahr, chamois and many Australian deer species. I’ve successfully hunted 12 South Pacific animals unpaid and unguided – Buffalo, Chital, Sambar, Hog Deer, Red Deer, Fallow, Rusa, Goat, Boar, Tahr, Chamois and Whitetail. I still have Sika, Wapiti and Banteng remaining. I’ve taken several record book Red Stags, all born and bred 100% wild and free ranging.

I took 1st Place in the Worldwide Swarovski Digiscoper of the year with a photo of a wild Rusa stag and I’ve had six cover shots printed from field shots I have taken.


This changes trip to trip for me but the gear I have become most reliant on is my Elite Hunter Shell Jacket and my Element jacket. My day pack is always loaded heavy with camera gear and for this I have chosen the contour pack. These items have seen me through some fierce West Coast conditions and have never let me down.

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