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    Growing up being an active outdoors person fishing and camping, hunting was something I always wanted to try. At age 27, I experienced my first hunt. Instantly I fell in love with the sport and truly felt at home in the hills. Over the past 13years I’ve perused game all over the world with both rifle and bow. Predominantly chasing deer throughout Australia.

    My favourite hunting is in the backcountry with a pack over the shoulder with a few close mates. Pushing your limits often mentally and physically in pursuit of the oldest and wisest quarry. Exploring places that potentially few have ever been to and getting back to our grass roots of hunter gathering.

    My hunting has taken backstage a little over the past 12months as my eldest child is now both behind gun and bow. Watching his skill set develop and passion grow for the sport with his sister in tow are some of my fondest memories to date.


    In 2017, I completed the Australian deer slam which was a special moment for me. Doing it totally free range taking quality animals with some of my closest mates along with me for the journey was priceless. Some of my other standout hunts have been in New Zealand pursuing Tahr, Chsmois & Sika. Hunting Rocky Mountain Goat in British Columbia, Canada over 10day pack hunt and a bow hunt on Elk and Mule deer in Colorado, USA where I came home trumped but with lifelong memories.


    My favourite Hunters Element gear would have to be the Eclipse range as it is super lightweight, sun-protective, and extremely breathable. This sort of kit is perfect for me as I spend most of my time chasing deer throughout Australia where it's predominately hot. When it does cool down the Zenith Top is the perfect option to keep you warm. For my rainwear, I use the Halo Jacket and Obsidian Trousers as they are very waterproof and pack down super small in the bottom of my pack. Finally, the Venom Gaiter V2 makes me feel safe from the snakes and protected when bashing through dense bush. These are just a few of my favourite bits of gear but Hunters Element offers so many awesome options it's hard to keep the list small.