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    The days are long and the sun is hot in the hills. Stags are growing their new antlers and most animals are getting a good layer of fat on them by now. This time of year is all about managing sweat and sunburn. You'll mostly want to be wearing lightweight breathable/wicking base layers that cover you up. But, keep a mid layer top and backup style rain jacket with you just incase some colder weather blows over. There may be no better eating animals than what you'll find this time of year, so go fill the freezer!

    Hunters Element was born and bred in the harsh mountains of New Zealand. As hunters, Kiwi's demand more from their gear than any other place on earth, so it's here that we develop and stress test our gear to breaking point. We prize these pristine environments and want to see them kept this way for generations to come. That's why Hunters Element is so obsessed with sustainability. From making over 90% of our technical hunting gear out of recycled plastics, packaging all our products in paper and cardboard, and ditching dodgy chemicals, we're dead set on keeping the hills clean for the next lot.