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  • Vantage Hoodie | 15C+

    Eclipse Range | 15C+

    Core Range | 5C to 15C

    Core+ Range | -5C to 10C


    Specially designed base-layers are essential for all hunts, all times of the year. They ensure your safety by regulating your body temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm. In addition, our high-performance base layers assist with preventing muscle fatigue, wicking away sweat, and managing odour with their antimicrobial properties. 

    The Hunters Element range is based on a 3-layer system: base layer, mid-layer and outer layer. Our base-layers (such as the Core or Core+ range) are the foundation of the system, followed by mid-layers (such as our Legacy Jacket, Zenith top, or Whakarapu hood) which block wind and effectively regulate temperature, then outer layer jackets which are designed to withstand extreme elements (such as our Odyssey Jacket V2, Storm Jacket, or Halo Jacket).  

    All three layers used together ensure you warm up, cool down and stay dry for superior performance in the field. The fabric technology in each layer has been thoughtfully designed to best regulate your temperature, breathe out excess heat and sweat, and keep you protected from the harsh elements. 

    Each of our base-layer ranges have been designed for different temperatures, and this will form the basis for which range is best suited for you: 

    -5°c to 10°c / icy or snowy conditions: Core+ range 

    5°c to 15°c / cool and temperate conditions: Core range 

    Over 15°c / warm and humid conditions: Eclipse range and Vantage Hoodie.  

    Base layers do more than keep you warm in cold weather, they also effectively keep you cool in warm weather, and it’s vital to not overlook the importance of investing in the right base layer for summertime or humid weather hunting.  

    Our Eclipse range is designed for just this purpose: it’s bamboo charcoal honeycomb fabric effectively wicks away sweat and dumps heat, regulating your temperature. It also provides UPF30+ protection when worn alone.  

    These leggings are designed as base layers to be worn next to the skin. They are developed to be worn under outer-layer pants which have thoughtfully placed pockets for easy access to the essentials you need.  

    Our Womens’ Signature Hunters Leggings and Ice Leggings are designed as outerwear layers and have handy pockets.