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    Introducing our Butcher Collection - where craftsmanship meets performance. At Hunters Element NZ, we take pride in handcrafting top-notch tools to ensure you have the perfect tools for all your skinning, dressing, and butchering needs.

    Designed with precision and built to last, our Butcher Collection features an array of knives that are essential for every hunting and outdoor enthusiast. The blades are constructed from premium quality 5cr15 and 440 Stainless steel, renowned for their sharpness and edge retention. Whether you're dressing game or preparing your favourite cuts of meat, these knives will hold their edge, deer after deer.

    The handles of our Butcher knives are a blend of natural maple burl and laminate timber to provide a comfortable grip for extended use. Highly polished brass bolsters not only enhance the knives' aesthetics but also add to their sturdiness, making them reliable companions on any hunting expedition.

    Our Butcher Collection knives are not only designed for professional butchers but also cater to outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the value of well-crafted tools. From field to kitchen, these rugged and reliable knives excel in all butchering tasks as well as everyday use. Embrace the craftsmanship, explore further, and hunt longer with Hunters Element NZ.