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    Venison Pie

    - 500g Venison steak

    - Olive oil

    - 1 Onioin 

    - 3 Cloves of garlic

    - 1 Stick celery 

    - 1 Carrot

    -  Fresh thyme

    - Fresh sage

    - 30g butter

    - 1/4 cup flour

    - 1 can beer (Deep Creek double IPA)

    - 1 cup red wine 

    - 200g short pastry (for the bottom)

    - 200g puff pastry (for the lid)

    - Egg yolk to brush over pastry

    Pre heat oven to 180C on bake mode

    In a large pan heat 1 tablespoon oil. Add the onion, garlic, celery, carrot. Fry for a few minutes until softened. Place into a deep oven proof dish.

    Place the flour in a bowl. Add venison and toss to coat. Fry the meat in the remaining oil and butter, in a couple of batches until lightly browned. Place on top of the onion mixture. sprinkle over thyme and sage and then add the beer and wine. Cover and place in the oven for 1 and a half hours or until meat is tender.

    Remove the meat from the oven and cool completely.

    Line texas muffin tins with short pastry. Spoon the filling evenly into each pie tin. Roll the puff pastry and top each pie. Press the edges together with a fork and poke a couple of holes into the top. Brush with egg wash and bake for 25 minutes until the pastry is puffed and golden.

    Cream Paua Pie

    - 200g mince paua

    - Half an onion (finely diced)

    - 150ml cream

    - 3 cloves crushed garlic

    - Tablespoon flour (try onion soup packet for an alternative)

    - 30g Butter

    Once you have minced the Paua, on a medium heat melt butter in a pan and add finely diced onion and garlic and sautee for 3mins. Add Paua and cook for 2mins. Sprinkle over the flour or soup packet and mix through. Add the cream and gently stir under mixture starts to thicken. Reduce heat and let simmer for a couple of minutes. 

    Take pan off the heat and let the mixture completely cool. It will thicken more once cooled. 

    Spoon the filling evenly into each pie tin like the venison recipe and ensure the edges are completely closed so mixture does not spill out the sides.